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why do straight ppl think they can whine about gay ppl “throwing their sexuality in our faces” when almost every waking second of every minute of every day of my life is filled with heterosexual romance media and heteronormativity. like u think 2 girls holding hands in public is rubbing their sexuality in ur face you have no fucking idea what queer people go through on a daily basis shut the fuck up

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#omfg#it looks like isaac has just hatched or something#and derek is so fucking confused by it#’da fuq is this thing’#’am i its parent now?’#’…. i guess it’s kinda cute’ (via cuallta)


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#this makes me mad for a multitude of reasons#excuse me my english is slipping please excuse if i forget half the words or misplace letters#let’s go from the general to the details#general: all black which brings out his stupid face anymore#general: longish coat so his limbs look extra lanky and stiKCING OUT#general: the white detail of the scarf thingy beneath his face making a first contrast#detail: his fucking hair is so fluffy and curly that it flows abOVE the hood#detail: the hood is turNED UP and it’s a pointy one i hat ETHOSE#detail: shoulder pads like don’t even#detail: uneven strings form the hoodie /no/#little white rims of the hems of his white shirt at his wrists and a glimpse of hand#contrasts perfectly at his middle exis and forms a solid and stabile triangle with his face#booths with metal applications that match the colour of the middletones of his skin framing his limbs at each side of the body#the scarf isn’t a tight one which means it falls open and reveals his neck even more /pronounces it/ against all the black and shadows#dquinty look halfway asleep halfway confused 100% dickhead#in summary: no#sebastian stan#don’t try me kid those were the basics (tags via sirbarnes


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"Books can make a difference in dispelling prejudice and building community: not with role models and recipes, not with noble messages about the human family, but with enthralling stories that make us imagine the lives of others. A good story lets you know people as individuals in all their particularity and conflict; and once you see someone as a person—flawed, complex, striving—you’ve reached beyond stereotype."

Hazel Rochman (via wordpainting)

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*makes heterophobic text post*

It’s a metaphor, see? You make a mean text post, but you don’t back it with thousands of years of violently-upheld institutional power, so it doesn’t have the power to actually hurt anyone. 

best one yet

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I think cishet people get angry when they are labeled as cishet because they aren’t used to having to be labeled. They are shocked and upset that an increasing amount of people no longer refer to cishet people as “normal,” because those people have realized that no sexual orientation or gender identity is the supreme normal way to be.

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I’m sorry but… LGBTQIA?? I just had to copy-paste that because it’s sooo long. LOL
Why? Why do queers have to make this so difficult? I mean, could you pick a more fake and unnecessarily long name for yourselves?

Funny how you say LGBTQIA is “too long and fake sounding,” but there you are on your blog all like


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if you are homosexual and you don’t like bpp+/multisexual people using the word gay to describe themselves I need to take a long hard think on how your community turned the entire lgbtq+ movement into a struggle for “GAY rights” and how your community constantly contributes to monosexism, bi-erasure, and biphobia bc like

you guys were the one that made not straight=gay. not us

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i’m glad chris evans is a celebrity and not a regular person because i don’t know what i’d do if i saw him making me a latte at starbucks or cashing my check at the bank or teaching my english class


Because this video was constantly taken down, and/or was geographically restricted, I am uploading it here.

WARNING: It contains Sebastian Stan speaking Romanian.

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